Thursday, July 22, 2004

Link Alert: Brazilian Film, Tom Zé

If you're one of the, oh, 16 people who have visited this blog in the past, you'll note the new list of links to your right; I'm transferring relevant bookmarks I've accumulated over the last several years. More to come.

In the course of that process, I've rediscovered some interesting odds and ends:
•A page of notes about the history of Brazilian film which appear to be compiled by a sociology professor working on a book and/or course sometime in the late 1990s, as this site directory reveals. Haven't found a home page yet--and, to be blunt, the writing on these pages looks more like that of a student than an instructor, and I don't trust the looks of some of the info. But maybe it's just notes never intended for public viewing--and the film page is packed with interesting tidbits.

•A 1998 review of Tom Zé's Fabrication Defect album packed with biographical info.

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