Saturday, July 03, 2004

A foreign sound in your ear [RootsWorld, Christgau]

Quick note to point out a short interview with Caetano Veloso on his A FOREIGN SOUND album. But my main intention here is to call your attention to another portion of the site where I found it, namely the Brazilian section of RootsWorld, which as the name suggests is an online roots-music resource. The writing doesn't seem as lively as my imaginary friend Joe Sixpack's over at Slipcue, but it looks informed and informative, and it's nice to be able to get a second opinion on various albums and artists that I haven't seen too many other English-language critics covering. (Added bonus: some reviews come with MP3 samples.)

Truth be told, I'm almost as addicted to intelligent writing about music as I am to the sounds themselves. That may have started with a collection of Robert Christgau's reviews and essays I picked up at a used bookstore sometime in high school when I had no idea who he was, long before his verbal tics kinda started getting on my nerves. Ever since then, I've been able to kill embarrassing numbers of hours reading reviews of albums I'll probably never hear.

Speaking of Christgau, his website is an amazing, fully searchable resource. (Search for keyword "Brazil" and you'll find 50 entries, including plenty about Tom Zé, Caetano, and David Byrne's various Luaka Bop compilations.)

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