Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Give the drummer some!

Buncha interconected links to pass along:
*Here is a recent broadcast of the WFMU show "Give the Drummer Some" with one set devoted to candomblé and other religious Brazilian folk music; another to songs by Olodum, Joyce, Baden Powell/Vinicius de Moraes and a group I'd never heard of called Farofa Carioca, which then moves into Senegalese hiphop and from there, inexplicably but beautifully, into a suicide ballad by the young Dolly Parton. My kind of radio! (You can listen to the whole thing or individual sets.)

*Checking out the show's DJ Doug Schulkind's site, I came across an essay of his about his obsessive interest in soundtrack music which mirrors some of my own patterns of listenership. Plus, he winds up with a first-person account of the power of the score for McCabe and Mrs. Miller, one of my all-time faves and one of the most original approaches to film music ever.

*Schulkind's supercool links page also led me to this content-packed, gorgeous-looking site paying tribute to the mad genius of dub, Lee "Scratch" Perry. Annotated discography, interviews, song lyrics and soundbites aplenty.

*Another Schulkind-inspired find I haven't actually been able to investigate very fully yet: Paul Sherratt's internet radio show, Global Jukebox. His latest playlist includes Transglobal Underground, Dean Martin, Bob Marley, Slim Whitman, Jim White, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and music from Bahia, Argentina, Scotland, and Japan, among many, many other tasty items. I repeat: My kind of radio!

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