Friday, July 09, 2004

In the belly of our story [Betacorpo, Sexopuro]

One of my beefs about this whole blogging business is that everybody is so busy writing their own that no one has time to read anyone else's. To counter that impulse, I just tracked down a couple of interesting-looking/sounding blogs via the EatonWeb portal:>>, an American photographer and teacher's record of his travels through Brazil in search of music. Beautifully laid out, with lots o' photos and lush design, but unfortunately the latest entry proclaims that the author has retired the site. (Two years' worth of articulate, informative, politicized, link-heavy writing in the archives, though.)

Sexopuro, which is in Portuguese, is a promotional site (I discovered after some poking around in the English version) for an up-and-coming singer/songwriter named Suely Mesquita. (Given the name of her album, translated as "Pure Sex," and the overall theme of the site, I mistook this for a porn site at first.) The "Sexopuro radio" feature lets you hear several interesting songs of hers, one of which is co-written by Celso Fonseca. If the radio doesn't pop up and start playing when you go to the homepage, try this. Her lyrics, at least in their English translation, are pretty out there, in a good way. (Random sample: "Malicious memory / Hit the bull's eye / In the belly of our story...") For once, pop-up music on a site that isn't deeply annoying: hooray!

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