Monday, August 30, 2004

In the air tonight

Wow, maybe there really is something to that Newsweek article on the omnipresence of Brazil in US pop culture after all (see my August 7 entry for a link): Last night on Six Feet Under, I could swear I heard lots of bossa nova and more recent sounds in the background, and sure enough, a handy section of the show's website reveals that, indeed, Cibelle's "Dia de Yemanja" was prominently featured, along with some stock bossa melodies, always in association with Brenda's annoying/fascinating mom, who is dating Claire's now-entirely-annoying Latino art teacher. (Stop me before I go on about this show, but the parenthetical question I have to ask is this: are the series' creators actively trying to lose viewers this season? What was once a landmark show is now pretty much a soap opera, albeit one whose characters quote Baudrillard from time to time.)

Earlier in the day, I heard an interesting segment on the Latin Grammys during the Sunday edition of All Things Considered which devoted a fair amount of attention to Maria Rita (daughter of Elis Regina), whose debut album is quite lovely. (Ron's 13-word album review: Appealing voice, catchy songs, spare but effective production, and a clever bonus video.)

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