Saturday, August 07, 2004

Everyone Loves Brazil

This article from the August 2 Newsweek called "Everyone Loves Brazil" confirms that I am hopelessly trendy. Which is a relief, because several others I've seen from the late 1990s (and this one from 2000 I've already written about) suggested that I was already late to the carnival when it comes to the music and culture of a certain South American country. No matter how you slice it, I'm clearly So Five Minutes Ago. C'est la vie.

Found the Newsweek story through Bruno Pieroni's blog "These are the contents of my head." He's a Brazilian art director living in the American midwest, and his site also contains lots of interesting stuff about the advertising industry in addition to the expatriate stuff that initially drew me in.

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alizinha said...

Thanks for the tip, Ron. I'm stealing this link for my blog (well not really--I'll give credit where credit's due). :)