Tuesday, August 10, 2004

eye - Belle of the ball - 07.29.04

This short but informative interview in Toronto's alternative weekly eye makes me even sadder that I missed Cibelle's recent show in that city.

In other live-appearance news, at least I have the shows by Luciana Souza (Feb. 13) and Guinga (May 7) to look forward to next year, right here in WNY. Both are part of the Albright-Knox's excellent "Art of Jazz" series. I confess I don't know much about either of them beyond their names just yet--and the "jazz" part scares me a little--but I'm open. Guinga wrote a couple of songs on Sergio Mendes' good-points-bad-points Brasileiro album and I could swear I've seen his name on the credits of some others, too. Based on Joe Sixpack's generally infallible album reviews, I'm more excited about Souza. (For one thing, she's set some of the poems of Elizabeth Bishop to music, which is an interesting prospect, at least in theory; I see her latest project is based on Pablo Neruda's poetry.) Both shows are a long way off, but then the series tends to sell out way in advance--so if anyone reading this in the vicinity of Buffalo wants a seat, act soon.

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