Thursday, July 28, 2005

Surrey with the FRINGE on top

Although it's a teensy bit off topic (but not really), I gotta put in a plug here for the first-ever Buffalo InFRINGEment Festival, which I've been helping to organize for the last several months. The festival features over 125 performances of over 40 different productions (mainstream & experimental plays, performance pieces, virtual reality installations, outdoor film screenings, street theater, music, and more) in 14 different venues in and around the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo, NY. The whole thing runs from Thursday, July 28 through Sunday, August 7, and you can find detailed day-by-day and venue-by-venue schedules and a lot more info (including an hourlong radio interview I did with many other festival people, hosted by my Real Dream pal Theresa Baker) at the festival's official website.

Here's a brand-new blog set up to allow audience members and participants to write about individual shows, which may help readers figure out what shows they don't want to miss.

And while I'm in this semi-self-promotional mode, allow me to point out that the Real Dream Cabaret's contribution to the festival, the SUPER INTENSE DECISION SHOW, runs Thursday 8/4 @ 8 pm, Friday 8/5 @ 9 pm, Saturday 8/6 @ 1 pm, and Sunday 8/7 @ 4 pm at Squeaky Wheel (175 Elmwood).

There, now I've done my duty as Publicity Dude and I can rest easy. I do hope you Buffalonian folk will come check this stuff out--there's an extraordinary amount of interesting live performance on tap, from as far away as Montreal and NYC, and as near as your next-door neighbor's house. Further proof that this city is a hotbed of cool art, a reality that only needs to be pointed out to people who don't live here, and most of the ones who do.


Michael said...

Hey Ron--found your site, obviously, and try to hit it, oh, at least every couple of days or so. Good to see you in Lake Charles a couple of weeks ago. If you feel like it, here's my own site for perusal. Later on.

Anonymous said...
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