Monday, July 18, 2005

Estatico (Brazil/New Orleans I)

Here I am w/ my pal Donna after shelling out major coinage on low-cost CDs. Louisiana Music Factory (210 Decatur, NO) is such a great resource for Louisiana jazz, r&b, soul, blues, etc. that I felt kind of guilty purchasing 2 My Morning Jacket & 2 Lucinda Williams CDs (even if she IS from Lake Charles, La). Made up for it w/ the purchase of local pianist Tom McDermott's 'Choro do Norte' after hearing it on the store's sound system and instantly enjoying it. Many people have noted Brazilian choro's similarity to New Orleans ragtime/dixieland, and McDermott has turned the parallels into a really enjoyable/pleasant/witty CD that makes me want to run a bookstore or cafe so I could play it there. Scott Joplin & Jelly Roll Morton meet Pixinguinha!

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