Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm all lost in the supermarket; I can no longer shop happily

I've got much more to say about Dutch art/design collective Platform 21 and its "Hacking IKEA" project on my gardening blog, but here's one of the more conceptual pranks on view on the P21 site:

MUSIC FOR IKEAS is an attempt to musically hack the entire emporium of IKEA through the release of a CD. Music is an effective invisible method to radically manipulate the atmosphere of a space. The CD is presented via an especially developed sound system, which can be integrated into every IKEA interior.
With thanks to Mia Adrésen and Hans Wessels.

Wish there was some way to hear the album itself, unlistenable though I suspect it probably is . Maybe I'll just have to wander into a store where some enterprising audio anarchist has installed one of those specially modified lamp/CD players. Rock on, hackers! Hack on, rockers!

PS. Thanks to Arthur for bringing P21 to my attention.

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