Friday, January 02, 2009

Breakdown (go ahead, give it to me)

OK, OK, so it's been a while since my last confession. Forgive me, Father. I never intended to abandon this blog, for I certainly haven't abandoned my obsession with music. Perish the thought! I"ve just been otherwise engaged--and I never move that fast even in the best of circumstances.

Call it a New Year's resolution if you must, but I'm vowing to devote at least a few minutes every day (starting, uh, yesterday) to working on one of the many blogs I have a hand in. By my count, there are eight or nine that are going concerns, including this one. I'm way overdue on announcing this year's--oops, i mean last year's--Ehmke(e) Award winners, updating that new "Shuffle Off" feature I'd started a while back, and sharing lots of thoughts on lots of music. And it's all coming, folks. It's all coming. But not right now, for I've spent much of the evening prepping this entry on a sort-of-brand-new, sort-of-long-gestating blog instead. All things in time.

PS. Oh, yeah--about that photo up there. Little snafu involving some cleanser from DeltaSonic making its way into the radio/CD player and remaining there for weeks. (They were very good about paying for the repair, btw.) You'll be happy to learn that the situation has long since been rectified. My original plan was to use the image to re-introduce the "Shuffle Off" series, but then weeks/months went by, as they always do. Now it seems like an equally apt metaphor for the hole in all our lives left by my not posting anything here in nine long months.

Stay tuned. While you wait for a new entry, enjoy that new playlist feature over on the right. I just set that up tonight, after reading about it here. Nice addition, because I haven't yet figured out how to add audio clips to my posts like everybody else without getting hauled off to jail with that guy who leaked Chinese Democracy.


JewelsGold said...

So I'm the first to become a "follower" of your bloeg and yours would be the first blog for me to follow at all among the bazillions of blogs out there. Now, doesn't that make you feel special? It should. I'm JewelsGold and your blog is a cool music mogul of many talents and sounds. I like that in a mix. It's creative and rhythmic and talented. Personally, I'm all about the verbage of life. A total word nerd. Love to write and ramble on and a poetic sort of way. Check me out and maybe you could become my first follower too. Ahhhh, now isn't that just so sickly sweet? Seriously. Peace, smile and later, dude. Keep up the good music vibe.

Ron said...

Aw, shucks, word nerd. Thanks for the compliments, and for the follower-ing. I'll add your blog to my "Heavy Rotation" list.