Saturday, January 01, 2005


Quick note: Here's an interesting 2000 interview with cellist/conductor/arranger Jaques Morelenbaum from BRAZZIL magazine . I first saw his name in the album credits for several Caetano albums, then realized he was pretty much everywhere in the Brazilian music scene of the last three decades. We're talking 400+ album credits here. (Most recently, I saw him all over the cool 3-disc Man from Ipanema compilation of Tom Jobim songs my friend Elizabeth gave me for Christmas.)

In a used record store last summer I picked up one album he created in collaboration with his wife Paula and Ryuichi Sakamoto called Casa; it's a collection of Jobim covers, some well-known, others more obscure (at least to me). Pretty straightforward, actually; not the kind of avant-garde wackiness you might expect from such a crew, but also not conventional-sounding bossa nova, either. When I'm in the right mood, it's really nice listening: sparse, lovely, romantic. (In other moods, it just seems kind of staid, if not sterile.)

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