Monday, November 29, 2004

They've Got a Lot of Coffee in Brazil

According to this Reuters story, the country of Brazil wants to produce a "TV documentary" (read: infomercial?) promoting the healthlicious joys of drinking coffee.

"The United States already is the world's biggest coffee market but Brazil thinks Americans can drink more," the item reads.

Okay, okay, I'm drinking as fast as I can...

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pszp said...


Just listening to Arto's latest - "Salt". Really great album. And with regard to your comments on lyrics - in english and portugese... I am a very non lyric guy so don't mind either way. So much music I listen to is in a language I don't comprehend. I think often I would like it less if I COULD understand the lyrics. Anyway as far as I know sigur ros have no actual lyrics, just non- sensical vocalizing similar to much of cocteau twins. I will check out the website.
Also coincidentally also picked up a sigur ros album tonight - the soundtrack to "Angels of the Universe" with Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson. Traded in a bunch of stuff and got the 2 above plus the dvd "the day after tomorrow". Hope you're well.