Friday, September 24, 2004

Countdown to Ecstacy: T minus 5

I've been wanting to take a little break from writing about my current obsession with that crazy Brazilian sound to honor an earlier (and ongoing) musical obsession, probably with a little countdown like this...


But the big day is kind of slipping up on me, and as of now there are only FIVE DAYS TO GO before the most legendary unfinished album in pop music history (no hyperbole there) finally hits record stores around the world.

In a climate where the latest, say, Korn CD gets billed as "highly anticipated" even though the last one came out a year earlier, this is mind-blowing. I've been learning track listings and other nuggets over the last few weeks, and the suspense is nearly unbearable. What will it be like to no longer be able to refer to "the legendary unfinished album" when it's ... finished? Guess we'll find out.

Meanwhile, today's "All Things Considered" segment on Brian Wilson and the album is lengthy and poignant. The page where it's archived also contains links to a bunch of other audio clips, plus photos of the recent recording sessions.

It's all too good to be true.

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